Why Use Professional Rug Cleaning Services?

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There are some projects that are not fun for DIY enthusiasts. One of these is area rug cleaning. If your carpets and rugs look grungy, it is better to find an area rug cleaning service in San Fernando Valley, CA than rent or buy equipment to attempt the job on your own. There are also other aspects to consider, like sanitizing against bacteria and viruses, especially COVID-19.  Here are four reasons to hire a company to clean your rug:

  • You waited too long: Area rugs are often more neglected than carpets. In high foot traffic areas, rugs can build up caked-on grime that’s hard to notice until it’s gotten out of control. Lighter rugs turn darker, and dark rugs end up with wear and sun damage. By the time your rugs become this dirty, it will take several rounds with a typical home carpet shampooer to even make a dent in the grime. Hiring a professional with their more powerful equipment assures your rugs will be cleaner more quickly if you face extensive dirt buildup.
  • Prevent color bleeding: Unlike carpet, your area rug could contain colors and dyes that bleed. This can affect the appearance of the rug and even ruin it if you immediately jump into the task with a purchased or rented carpet shampooer. Experienced rug cleaners test the fabric first to see where colors can bleed and how to prevent it. Even if bleeding is inevitable, a professional rug cleaning service knows how to minimize it so all you notice is a cleaner rug.
  • Time: Cleaning area rugs is a time-consuming task. After testing for colorfastness, rugs are hung and beaten to get the dust out. If you live in an apartment or have no place to hang a rug, this step becomes impossible. Once most of the dust is out, then there is a shampooing step. Since most carpet cleaners in the consumer market are not designed for the heavy-duty work of cleaning area rugs well, you will likely have to make several passes before completing a thorough rinse cycle, which is usually the most time-consuming step. If you delegate rug cleaning to a professional, you save time and know it is done right on the first attempt.
  • Sanitation: In this time of COVID-19, it is not always enough just to remove dirt. Many customers request that rugs and carpets be sanitized, too. The industrial cleaners used by our company kill more viruses and bacteria than off-the-shelf cleaners you purchase for your own carpet cleaner. This can be especially important if you are ordering carpet or rug cleaning for an essential business, where it is always possible that a COVID-infected individual has passed through your doors. Going with a professional rather than doing it yourself ensures extra safety from illness.

Valley Carpet Cleaning offers area rug cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA, along with carpet and tile cleaning. If you require dirt removal and sanitation for your home or office rugs and carpet, see our specials and contact us today for an appointment.

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