Residential Carpet Cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA

Residential Carpet CleaningYou live your life on your carpet. Unfortunately, pets, kids, tenants, and employees leave behind a lot of wear that quickly shows—especially in high-traffic areas. Filth is easier to ignore on darker carpets and undeniably bold on lighter shades, but no matter the color of your carpet, it’ll eventually need carpet cleaning services.


Valley Carpet Cleaning is here to help you preserve the integrity of your carpet for as long as possible by offering a bevy of essential carpet cleaning services. As the premier cleaner in Granada Hills, San Fernando Valley, Porter Ranch, and Northridge, CA, we take pride in being able to offer:

  • Deep cleaning: We’ll do more than just extract and absolve dirt and debris in your carpet fibers—we’ll get all the way down to the pad, to remove any lurking pathogens, germs, odors or irritants that have become embedded over time.
  • Repair: Noticing your carpet starting to bubble? Have an unsightly tear or hole? No matter the scope of carpet damage, we’re trained to provide carpet repairs that renew the look and feel of your surface.
  • Stains and spots: From animal urine to wine stains and beyond, we’re your number one source for spot and stain treatment. Watch us make even your most unsightly stain a thing of the past!
  • Debris removal: Gum, wax and oil are all virtually impossible for the average homeowner to get out of carpet. Don’t make a difficult problem even harder by trying to extract these materials yourself! Instead, give us a call for a targeted, insightful extraction.

Whether it’s your yearly cleaning or a last-minute emergency, we provide exceptional solutions to life’s messier problems. Our team is available 24 hours a day to provide you with any of our essential carpet cleaning services in Granada Hills, CA.

You want your home or business to look its best. Valley Carpet Cleaning is here to help make that happen. We proudly offer carpet protection, multi-room discounts and comprehensive residential and commercial carpet cleaning and repair packages to make sure you get the best carpet cleaning services at an unbeatable price. Contact us today at 818-368-1711 to get started.