Upholstery Cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA

Upholstery CleanerThink about all those times your dog jumped on the couch after rolling around outside. Think about all of the food that’s accidently been dropped on your armchair. Remember that time you spent a week sick on the sofa? Now, think about the last time you deep-cleaned your upholstery.


Don’t panic! The upholstery cleaners at Valley Carpet Cleaning are here to help by providing you with comprehensive upholstery cleaning in Granada Hills, Porter Ranch, Northridge, and San Fernando Valley, CA. We pride ourselves on the ability to remove the toughest of stains in the toughest of places, to provide a level of clean that will give you peace of mind each time you kick back and relax. In fact, we can tackle your space from top to bottom, area rug to sofa, to dictate cleanliness that’s simply not possible with off-the-shelf cleaning products and elbow grease.

  • Furniture: No matter what material your furniture is made of or how many pieces are present in your space, our team will get to work in delivering a full and complete cleaning. You’ll be left with furniture that feels brand new, smells pristine and looks inviting once again. Got kids and pets? Remember, we’re the best couch cleaner in Granada Hills, CA and can save you money by restoring your existing furniture!
  • Drapes: Any fabric, any stain, we’ve got you covered. Drapes are a common source of dust buildups, trapped odors, embedded debris and even a hiding place for mites. We’ll freshen up your drapes by giving them a deep clean and reinvigorate this critical piece of your interior décor.
  • Rugs: Delicate oriental rugs are beautiful and alluring, but can be a hassle to keep clean. Our upholstery cleaners professionally hand-clean rugs in a temperature-controlled drying room to ensure they get home safe and sound. We’ll restore their appearance, without detracting from their value.

If it’s time to seriously consider deep-cleaning your space, don’t take a chance on another upholstery cleaning, tile and grout, and rug cleaning company—instead, call Valley Carpet Cleaning and know you’re getting excellence. Contact us today at 818-368-1711 to learn more about our couch cleaners’ processes and capabilities.