Why Should I Get My Carpets Cleaned Regularly?

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The carpets in your home or business need to be cleaned often, but how often and which cleaning method you should use depends on the amount of foot traffic they get and the type of material they’re made of. While daily vacuuming may suffice for most of the year, the pros recommend deep cleaning carpets annually or semi-annually. Below are the top five reasons to get home or office carpet cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA on a regular basis:

  • Extends lifespan: Regular carpet cleaning is essential if you want your carpet to last a long time. Think about how often carpets are probably subjected to spills and heavy use. This can result in unsightly permanent stains or soiling in carpet fibers, which will eventually lead to the need for carpet replacement. By prioritizing daily to weekly maintenance like vacuuming, prompt spot cleaning and occasional deep cleaning, you can help increase the lifespan of your carpet.
  • Improves air quality: Carpets pull triple duty in your home or office. They add aesthetics to spaces, but also act as an insulated barrier between the floor and the elements. Another job of carpets is to trap pollutants like mold spores, dirt, dust, pesticides and more that can affect indoor air quality. Over time, these pollutants can get ground in and stuck in carpet fibers, then inhaled by people and pets. With regular carpet cleaning (daily maintenance and deep cleaning), you can remove these trapped airborne pollutants.
  • Prevents buildup of common pollutants: The most common types of pollutants that collect on and in carpets are mold, bacteria and various allergens. Dirty carpets are also breeding grounds for bacteria, germs and dust mites, all of which may affect human health in time. The easiest way to avoid the buildup of pollutants is to clean your carpets—wash up spills, remove stains and soiling immediately and clean carpets regularly. If you live in an area with high humidity levels that expose the pile to moisture, then your carpets are at risk of developing mold growth more easily.
  • Enhances appearance: In addition to prolonging your carpet’s life and improving indoor air quality, regular home and office carpet cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA also enhances its appearance. Because you see the carpets in your house or business all the time, you might not notice how dingy they’ve gotten. Houseguests or customers may be turned off by the dirty look of your carpets and the bad odors that they emit. For the sake of comfort and health, pay attention to your carpets. Maintaining a clean appearance and environment is simple enough with regular carpet cleanings.
  • Removes spots and stains: Finally, the most obvious reason to clean carpets regularly is to remove stains and spots. The longer a spill is allowed to sit on the pile, the deeper it can soak into the carpet. Spills become harder to remove and can turn into permanent stains.

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