Why Is Deep Carpet Cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA Important for Your Health?

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You might not be aware of the hazards associated with not cleaning your carpets regularly. The reality is that your health and your family’s health can be affected significantly by dirty carpets. Furthermore, just because you cannot see the unhealthy particles and environmental pollutants that have collected on your carpets doesn’t mean you should ignore them. They exist, and will continue to exist, accumulate and be inhaled until you vacuum them up or hire professionals to clean your carpets.

Potential health issues can arise after things like home or building flooding, moving into an older home, not cleaning up biological messes (feces, urine, vomit, blood) and bringing in contaminants on shoes. What’s more, because carpet fibers harbor mold and other pollutants, allergy sufferers’ symptoms can worsen when they’re near dirty carpets.

Here are some reasons why deep carpet cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA is important for a healthy lifestyle.

Banish dust mites, mold and other pollutants

The air filter for your central HVAC system is in place to trap airborne pollutants that would otherwise float freely until they’re either inhaled or land on your indoor surfaces, like the carpets. However, even if you replace the filter often, it won’t catch all indoor particles. Some will collect on your carpets, and pollutants can also be tracked in on shoes, bags, people and pets. Regular carpet cleanings are the key to banishing these contaminants from your life.

Not keeping carpets clean means that allergens like pollen, dirt and pet dander stay put, meaning you may suffer from seasonal allergies throughout the year. Then there are dust mites—these microscopic critters thrive in dirty carpets, leaving their allergy-inducing waste and body fragments behind. Mold is another common allergen found in dirty carpets. Both mold spores and dust mites in carpets can be kicked up into the air to be breathed in and spread around your home. Having your carpet deep cleaned on an annual basis removes these pests.

Kids play on the carpet

Children crawl, play and lay on the floor all the time. This means their faces are frequently smashing into allergen fields. Dust mites, mold spores, dander, dirt and more can easily get into little eyes and mouths. Also, little ones are known to put things from the floor directly in their mouths, regardless of whether they’re clean or dirty. Keep your carpets clean to protect your kids and ensure a healthy, safe space for them to play.

Pets hang out on carpets

If you have pets, chances are they enjoy rolling on the soft carpets in your home. Dogs, cats and other furry pets tend to shed dead fur, dander and pests into the carpet with every movement. These biological deposits will collect over time, leading to nasty odors and other problems. Schedule regular carpet cleaning to keep these allergens, odors and fleas out.

For more information about residential or commercial carpet cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA, don’t hesitate to contact the knowledgeable team at Valley Carpet Cleaning.

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