Why Do I Need to Have My Tile and Grout Professionally Cleaned?

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There’s likely no better option for flooring in your bathroom or kitchen than tile. Tile is impervious to water damage, it makes wiping up spills a breeze and it’s currently super trendy. However, tile isn’t perfect, and it has one downfall: it requires professional tile and grout cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA from time to time. Continue reading to learn why you should always hire a pro instead of scrubbing those tiles yourself:

  • DIY products aren’t effective: We’ve found that most of the tile and grout cleaners you can buy at the store or online simply don’t get your flooring as clean as they should. Luckily for our customers, the products we use are highly effective, as well as safe for kids and pets.
  • Save your time: Why waste your time scrubbing gross grout and dingy tile, especially if it’s not going to work? Instead, sit back and let a professional cleaning crew handle the job! We can have your tile flooring looking as good as new in a matter of hours.
  • Enhance appearance: As mentioned above, a professional cleaning company can restore your tile to like-new condition. Guests in your home will wonder whether you just had new floors put in!
  • Eliminate germs: We shouldn’t have to remind you that kitchens and bathrooms are teeming with bacteria. While you can try to get rid of them with standard cleaning products, you’ll most likely just come up short. Instead, bring in a pro who uses powerful cleaners that kill germs and create an inhospitable environment for them to return to.

Is it time to have my grout cleaned?

Now that you know why you should call a professional to clean your grout, it’s time to learn when you should make that phone call. Here are a few of the signs that your tile and grout need a good cleaning:

  • It’s been a while: Experts recommend having your tile and grout professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Having them cleaned in the spring and fall prolong their lifespan and ensure that your flooring looks its very best.
  • Your grout is dingy: The grout often starts to look bad before the tiles do. If your white grout is starting to look gray or even brown, it’s time to call a professional to help you out. Rest easy knowing that a professional cleaner can have your grout looking as good as new in no time.
  • You’re moving soon: Are you a homeowner selling your house or a renter moving to a new apartment? If so, it’s time to call a pro to clean your tile and grout! Sellers can make their house more attractive with a thorough cleaning, and renters can ensure they get back their full security deposit.

Is the tile in your home looking less than its best? Then pick up the phone and call Valley Carpet Cleaning for tile and grout cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA! Our professionals have years of experience, and we guarantee that your tile floors will look as good as the day they were installed after we’re through with them.

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