What’s Lurking in Your Carpet? A Spring Cleaning Guide

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It’s that time of the year again: spring cleaning is here! This means you’re probably going through your closets, dusting the bookcases and generally looking for those spots you might neglect to clean on a regular basis.

Here’s a tip: don’t forget to give the carpets and rugs a thorough cleaning as well. This is where bacteria, dead skin and other gross stuff lives—and ridding your home of all this debris will greatly improve your indoor air quality. Let’s take a look at the benefits of rug cleaning in Northridge, CA.

Allergic reactions

If you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies, it’s particularly important to make sure the rugs and carpets are kept clean. The fact is that your carpet is likely a hotbed of pollen and dust. And if you have pets, then you’d better believe there’s plenty of pet dander building up as well.

These are all liable to cause respiratory issues like wheezing and coughing when they’re released into the air. This can irritate the lungs and nasal passages, resulting in allergic reactions.


On top of this, your carpets and rugs are teeming with bacteria. Say, for example, your dog steps in feces and tracks it back into the house. This could result in sickness-causing germs being spread across the carpet. In fact, one study found carpets contain almost twice as much bacteria as a toilet seat. Pretty disgusting, right?

How to solve the problem

You might be thinking that these issues are simply solved by vacuuming. Vacuuming once a week is a good practice to prevent irritants and bacteria from building up on your carpet. However, it’s also important to have a professional come in once every six months or so to give the carpet a truly deep clean.

The reality is that home carpet cleaning systems leave a layer of moisture on the rug or carpet. These layers become a place where it’s easy for mold to grow—another irritant that’s liable to stir up allergic reactions.

Add carpet cleaning to your spring routine

If you want to ensure your carpets are clean and your indoor air is breathable, it’s a smart idea to add professional carpet cleaning as part of your spring cleaning routine. Another good time of year to call in the pros is right before the holiday season, when you’ll be having guests. Regular professional cleaning of your rugs and carpets will leave them looking great and give you the peace of mind that your home’s air is safe and clean.

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