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Tips for Preventing Carpet Stains

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Taking measures to keep your carpet free of stains will lengthen your time with it. It will also reduce your overall cleaning expenses the next time you need to hire a service like Valley Carpet Cleaning. These are some tips that will help you prevent getting annoying carpet stains:

1. Don’t Wait To Clean a Spill

Have you ever asked, “How can I prevent carpet stains?” If so, one of the top answers is to avoid waiting to clean a spill. The longer you wait, the more likely the liquid will seep into the carpet and leave a stain that won’t easily come out. Thus, you should tend to a spill immediately, no matter what happens.¬†Excuse yourself and place the cleaning materials on the spill right away.

2. Use the Blotting Technique

The way you clean your carpet will also play a role in stain prevention. For example, you should never scrub a liquid when attempting to clean it. Instead, what you should do is use the blotting technique. If you blot the drink, you can pull most of it up without forcing it into the carpet. Take your time and blot as much as possible when cleaning a liquid spill.

3. Get Into a Regular Cleaning Routine

Getting yourself into a regular cleaning routine is an excellent idea for stain prevention. Select a time that fits best and then dedicate that time to vacuuming daily. Alternatively, you can vacuum every other day. Next, decide what time of the month you want to have professionals come in and deep clean your carpets. By keeping a regular routine, you will keep stains down to a minimum.

4. Treat Your Carpet

Consider treating your carpet with a stain-resistant product. Such products typically last up to 12 months and provide a barrier between harmful dirt and your carpet. They work best when applied after a complete deep cleaning. Preventative measures like this one are usually quite effective in maintaining a carpet’s integrity.

5. Get the Jump on Cleaning Activities

Staying ahead of the game is another way to ensure that your carpet always stays fresh. That means you should begin your carpet cleaning process long before the flooring actually gets dirty. As mentioned before, your cleaning efforts will be most effective if you establish a regular routine. By cleaning your carpet routinely, you refuse to give dirt a chance to get deep into the fibers.

6. Use Accessories

Don’t hesitate to use accessories, such as door mats, area rugs, and other items that place a barrier between dirt, liquids, and your precious carpets. Some of those inexpensive items can make a huge difference in your home’s theme. Thus, you shouldn’t hesitate to visit a local department store to find some gorgeous barriers to place on your carpet.

You know how to prevent carpet stains if you use the information above. Incorporate all those tips and ideas into your everyday plan, and you will notice that your carpet stays a lot cleaner. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have issues keeping your carpet in top shape.

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