The Differences Between Floor Cleaners

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Before cleaning your floor, it’s best to invest in a good floor cleaner. However, with so many different cleaning products out there, finding the right one can be difficult. That’s why it’s important to know the difference between several different types of floor cleaners.

Usually, floor cleaning products are designed for a certain type of floor. Ceramic, wood, vinyl, carpet and most other types of flooring materials require different cleaning products. Read on for information on several different types of floor cleaners:

  • Cleaners for laminate flooring: Laminate flooring is an affordable product that can greatly enhance the look of your home. Many people choose laminate flooring for their homes because of its durability, moisture resistance and many options for customization. When cleaning laminate floors, it’s important to avoid products that will create streaks. Swiffer WetJet Wood Spray Mop and Cleaner is a great option, although there are plenty of similar products that might work just as well for your floors. Just be sure to sweep your laminate floors before using any cleaning products.
  • Cleaners for wood floors: People who want a natural look for their home often go with wood flooring. Hardwood floors are usually relatively easy to clean, though it’s important to choose the right type of cleaner. Some cleaners can damage wood floors if you aren’t careful. Many people recommend going with a natural cleaner for wood floors. You can find natural wood floor cleaners at the store, or you could make one yourself. To make your own natural wood floor cleaner, simply mix mild dish soap with white vinegar and water.
  • Cleaners for vinyl floors: Vinyl flooring is a great option for many homeowners, as it’s durable and easy to maintain. Many vinyl floor cleaning products don’t require rinsing, making the process a little simpler. As with all other cleaners mentioned in this list, it’s important to avoid any that contain harsh chemicals. Not only will this help protect your floor, but it will also prevent anyone from getting hurt by accidentally coming into contact the chemical. Rejuvenate’s floor cleaner is a popular choice among those with vinyl floors.
  • Cleaners for natural stone floors: Natural stone floors are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their elegant look. To maintain the look of natural stone floors, it’s important to properly clean them with top-quality cleaning products. Always avoid materials like bleach, as they can easily damage natural stone surfaces. You should regularly clean your stone floors by first sweeping away any dirt and other debris. Next, you’ll want to apply water and a natural cleaning product to the surface. Scrub the floor with a microfiber towel, then allow it to dry. Your natural stone floors will look brand new in no time.

As you can see, there are many different cleaning product options for flooring, and figuring out what’s really going to work best in your situation can be a challenge. That’s why many people prefer hiring a professional floor cleaner. A reputable local cleaning service will only use top-quality cleaning products on your floors. Reach out to Valley Carpet Cleaning today if you’re looking for fair and competitive prices on great floor cleaning services.

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