The Best Tips for Tile and Grout Cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA

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Tile and grout tend to get dirty fast, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Would you have guessed that cleaning your tile floors often is the easiest way to avoid tiresome scrubbing? Here are some of the best tips for tile and grout cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA.

Tackle tough grout stains

All tile installations have grout. Grout is a mixture of cement, sand and water used to seal up the spaces between tiles and bind them together. It’s like a glue holding the pieces together to create one strong unit. Grout is very porous, so it will absorb any liquid. Because of this, liquid that gets absorbed into the grout will discolor the spaces between tiles. These spaces will turn dark and look dingy, making your tile floor appear dirty even if it’s clean.

Get ready to tackle grout stains. Start by sweeping the tile floor, and be thorough, because any dirt or debris left behind will get wet and create more stains. Next, use a strong, non-abrasive, dual-purpose tile and grout cleanser to remove mildew, scum and oil. Apply hydrogen peroxide to heavily stained areas, scrubbing in a circular motion with a bristled brush. Use an old towel to soak up puddles, otherwise the liquid could resettle into clean grout. Super tough stains might need to be steam cleaned.

Keep tile clean

Once your tile and grout floors are clean, maintaining them is fairly easy. However, this depends on the quality and age of the tile. Most modern tiles are made with a glazed finish which protects the stone beneath. For tile that is not glazed, the professionals recommend applying one to increase lifespan. If left unglazed, liquids will make contact with the stone and tiles will gradually degrade or scratch over time, making your floors look worn. Liquid spills on tiles that are not glazed must be cleaned up immediately or they will stain.

Depending on how porous your tile floors are, you may have more time to wait to clean it before stains set in. Take granite, for example—granite has a very high porosity, meaning it stains easily. But porcelain, the most popular type of tile, is so dense it’s unlikely to stain.

If you want to install a new tile floor, be sure to do your homework first. Know that tile can have low, medium or high absorption capacity. Plan the type of tile based on the space—the kitchen, bathroom, entryway, etc.

Maintain tile and grout

Regular basic maintenance is the key to maintaining tile and grout. You should sweep or vacuum frequently to avoid dirt and debris buildup, and wipe up liquid spills as soon as possible. Choose non-abrasive sponges and brushes that are strong enough to loosen dirt and grime, but won’t leave scratches behind. Your at-home cleaning kit should include quality tile and grout cleaning supplies and tools and rubber cleaning gloves.

There may come a time when you desperately need professional tile and grout cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA. When that happens, Valley Carpet Cleaning will be there for you. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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