Reasons to Repair Your Carpet Instead of Replacing It

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Thanks to inflation and the supply chain issues we’re experiencing today, we’re all looking for ways to stretch out the usefulness of things and save a buck when we can, and our carpets are no exception. On top of that, replacing carpeting is quite an ordeal—it requires a lot of moving of furniture and other objects, which is not only physically taxing, but can also lead to damaged trim and other annoyances around the house.

You might be wondering, “Should I repair or replace my carpet?” While at first glance it might seem like a no-brainer to replace worn-out or damaged carpeting, there are actually some signs that, rather than needing a replacement, you might just need to repair your carpet.

Spotting waves or inconsistencies in the carpet

If your carpet was installed before you moved in, or if it was even done relatively recently since you’ve lived there, you might have started to notice “waves” or other ripples appear in its surface. To the untrained eye, this might seem like damage that will require a full replacement of the carpet.

In fact, this is an easy decision when it comes to deciding whether you should repair or replace your carpet. These types of waves are not a big deal—they’re usually just a sign that the carpet was installed incorrectly. As a result, any trained technician will be able to sort this out for you in no time and get your carpet looking sharp and consistent again.

Damage in only some places

If you have stains or even burns in some parts of your carpet, you might consider that a deal-breaker when deciding whether to repair or replace your carpet. The damage might look irreparable at first glance, but in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Our qualified carpet technicians know how to expertly trim out these damaged pieces and replace them with patches of the same pattern, all the while creating a seamless look. You and your guests will never know the difference, and soon you’ll likely even forget where these spots were located once our team is through with their detailed work.

Consider the location of the carpet

When you’re thinking about whether you’d like to repair or replace your carpet, an important consideration is thinking about the location of the problem area. If it’s in a seldom-used room like a guest room, it might not be worth it to pursue the more expensive option. Additionally, it’s worth considering further repercussions—if you have a burn in the carpet, you’ll want to address it sooner rather than later if you’re repairing it. A burn weakens the carpet, and additional foot traffic can quickly make the problem worse.

Burns, waves around the room and fraying are all signs that you need to repair your carpet, but the good news is that this can wind up being a lot cheaper and more efficient than replacing it. For more information about pricing and service windows, give Valley Carpet Cleaning a call today and let our technicians help restore your home’s carpets to their original beauty.

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