Preparing Stone Floors for Holiday Guests

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The holidays are a time to be with family and friends, and a time for inviting people into your home to share in the joy of the season. This also means that it’s the time of year to make sure your home is ready for hosting guests.

From housecleaning to stocking the fridge, it can seem that there are a million things to do to get ready for company. But have you thought about your stone floors? Cleaning and prepping your floors for your guests will not only help you make a good impression, but it can also help protect your floors. Here are a few tips from a floor cleaner in San Fernando Valley, CA for preparing your stone floors for the holidays.

Start with a good cleaning

Most of us don’t get down on our hands and knees to clean our floors anymore. There are a lot of great tools and products out there that make floor cleaning a lot easier than it used to be, but they also don’t get your floors as clean.

To deep clean your floors, start with doing a good sweep to remove any dust or debris. Then you will want to use a cleaner that is appropriate for the type of stone you have and, yes, get down on your hands and knees with a scrubber. You will want to get under your furniture, into the corners and along the edge of the wall. For cleaning grout, a toothbrush and a grout cleaning solution can work wonders.

Hire a professional

Stone floors, tile and grout are often absorbent and, if not sealed appropriately, spills and dirt can turn into stains and grime that are difficult to remove. If you find that even your best efforts to clean your stone are proving inadequate, it may be time to have a professional floor cleaner in San Fernando Valley, CA help you maintain and care for your tile and grout.

At Valley Carpet Cleaning, we specialize not only in carpet cleaning, but in cleaning all floor types, including stone and tile. We use quality products and our considerable expertise to remove even the toughest stains and grime from your stone floors. When we’re through, your floors will look like new. Even your most critical house guest will be impressed!

Do more than clean your floors—protect them, too

Of course, you want your stone floors to look their best for when company comes by, but you also want them to still look great after your guests leave. Company means a lot of foot traffic, and that means dirt, water, spills and more may be tracked across your floor again and again. To help protect your stone floors, be sure that they are properly prepped and sealed as well as cleaned.

By following these guidelines for cleaning and prepping your stone floors this holiday season, you can ensure your floors look great when company comes over, and even long after they leave. To learn more about how Valley Carpet Cleaning can help keep your tile and grout looking great, or any of our other floor cleaning services, contact us today!

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