Is It Better to Repair or Clean Stained Carpet?

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Food stains on the carpet are bound to happen at some point. As you scramble to soak up the mess, you wonder if the floor can be salvaged with stained carpet cleaning or if you’ll have to replace it altogether. Luckily, you don’t have to replace the entire floor if that’s not in your budget. Here’s when to schedule either a carpet repair or cleaning session with the specialists in San Fernando Valley, CA.

When to repair

If a stain has been marinating in your carpet for a while, chances are you’ll never get it out. Professional cleaning services banish most stains, but can’t work miracles. However, that doesn’t mean you have to rip up the carpet and replace an entire room’s worth of flooring. There are several different repair options to choose from that will save you thousands of dollars on new carpeting.

One of the most common methods for carpet repair is called carpet stretching. A specialist will trim off the stained portion and gently stretch the pile until it reaches the edge of the room. Keep in mind this only works for stains that occur along the very edge of the carpet. Stretching the carpet is a simple process and will save you the trouble of scrubbing at a stain that just won’t come out.

Perhaps the problem is bigger than a single stain. Carpets approaching the end of their lifespan are often littered with stains all over the room. Even though the damage is widespread, there’s still one carpet repair option you can try. Carpet dyeing disguises stains by applying a darker pigment to the fibers. This process fully restores your carpet and makes it look brand new again. It’s much cheaper than carpet replacement but achieves the same effect.

When to clean

Homeowners should only consider repairing carpet if those stains have settled in for good. Until it gets to that point, stained carpet cleaning is the better option. Cleaning services are available in San Fernando Valley, CA for just a couple hundred bucks and are much less invasive than laying down entirely new carpet. Carpet stretching and dyeing require you to move all furniture out of the room. On the other hand, a quick spot treatment can target the issue with minimal disruptions to your daily routine.

Look into stained carpet cleaning before you consider more drastic repair options, especially if you’ve never tried it before. Chances are, your carpets are due for a cleaning! Carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year regardless of stains, so schedule an appointment with the specialists in San Fernando Valley, CA. Their ability to banish stains might surprise you.

Even if you need brand-new carpeting, right now might not be the best time to do so. Homeowners with young children are better off waiting until they’ve outgrown the messy phase before restoring its appearance. In the meantime, you can extend the lifespan of carpets by treating stains as quickly as possible.

Stains that don’t respond well to cleaning are easily remedied with a quick repair. No matter which option you choose, the specialists at Valley Carpet Cleaning can help. We clean, repair and replace both residential and commercial carpets at prices you won’t find anywhere else. Reach out to us today to learn more or schedule service.

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