How to Keep Your Area Rugs Clean

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Area rugs make a great addition to any home, and they can be used on top of hard flooring or wall-to-wall carpet. No matter how you use your area rugs, it’s important that you know how to clean and maintain them. Basic cleaning is not hard for most people to do. It’s a reasonable chore that fits easily into any lifestyle. But although this seems like a simple task, let your rugs go for too long without cleaning and they can end up dingy, smelly and dull. Read on for some tips from a professional rug cleaner in San Fernando Valley, CA to keep your area rugs clean!

Tips for cleaning area rugs

It’s a good idea to create a rug cleaning routine. Just make sure you’re using proper cleaning techniques based on the size and material of the rug:

  • Shake: As long as your area rug is not too big, pick it up, take it outside and give it a good shaking. If you want to shake out a particularly large rug, enlist the help of a friend to take one end while you handle the other. Shaking helps remove dirt, dust and debris on the surface of the rug, getting a majority of the particles out of the way before deep cleaning commences.
  • Vacuum: After taking the rug outside and shaking off most of the loose debris, place it back in its place on the floor and vacuum it. Use your home vacuum cleaner, and vacuum as you normally would. Do this on a regular basis to maintain sheen and luster, and it can add years to your rug’s life.
  • Treat stains: The best time to remove stains on rugs is immediately, but don’t worry if you’re just now noticing a stain. Set-in stains on area rugs will need to be treated using a serious stain removal product, one that is safe to use on the material of the rug. Blot stains from the outside to the inside, then rinse, and repeat as needed. Avoid scrubbing stains—don’t lay into the cleaning cloth too hard, because fibers can get damaged.
  • Deep clean: Most area rugs can be deep cleaned by hand once a year. Use a gentle cleaner and just a small amount of water. Rugs subjected to a lot of foot traffic or play might require regular deep cleanings.
  • Let it dry: To prevent mold and mildew from setting in, be sure to squeeze out excess water and let the heat from the sun or an indoor fan dry the rug.

Tips for maintaining rugs

Include quality padding underneath rugs to increase comfort, reduce wear and prevent slippage. You should also rotate rugs on a regular basis—once or twice a year is typically sufficient. Another thing you might consider doing is rearranging the furniture and rug placement in a room. Moving rugs to less traveled paths can help them last longer.

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