How Professional Carpet Cleaning Removes Pet Odors

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Your pets are adorable, but being animals, they’re not always the freshest-smelling creatures on the planet. Chances are you’ve got plenty of pet odor lurking around your home, whether you’re “nose blind” to it or Fido has just unleashed his bladder on your carpet.

Taking care of pet odor is usually a job for a professional carpet cleaning service in San Fernando Valley, CA. You can tackle fresh stains and perform carpet and upholstery triage, but if you want to permanently remove stains and odors, DIY methods won’t cut it.

What to do when your pet stains the carpet

When your pet stains the carpet or upholstery, getting to the stain as soon as possible will help reduce the lingering odor and mark. Soak up as much of the stain as possible using paper towels or white cloth towels. Cover them with newspaper, stand on it for a minute or two and switch out the towels as they get soaked. Then rinse the stain and the surrounding area with cool, clear water. (If you can, put the urine-soaked towels where your pet is supposed to go.)

You can also purchase special chemicals for removing pet odor and stains. However, be aware that while they’ll help surface stains, they won’t penetrate into the carpet or upholstery fiber like professional cleaning does. We suggest using these chemicals to clean up the immediate mess, then scheduling an appointment for pet odor removal in San Fernando Valley, CA.

Calling a professional carpet cleaner is key

Once you’ve taken care of the initial stain, it’s time to work with a professional carpet cleaner. It’s more than a matter of running a steam cleaner over the carpet—first, your cleaner will assess the extent of the damage, including any damage to the sub-floor underneath your carpeting. They’ll ask questions about whether your pet lives indoors and how long the stain has been there, in order to get a better idea of what methods they’ll need to use.

Next, your cleaner will treat the stain(s) with an odor-neutralizing chemical that can penetrate all the way into the carpet fibers and the pad underneath. Then they will perform a deep extraction cleaning, designed to get all the urine and other odors out from the fibers and pad.

Sometimes your carpet and padding are so damaged that the only choice is to completely replace them. That’s because when pet urine dries, it leaves behind urea crystals. These crystals are so odoriferous that they smell stronger than fresh urine, and cannot be completely removed. It can also start to form mold or mildew under and in the carpet. This usually happens when a stain has been left to dry after soaking into the fibers and padding, which is why it’s key to attack the stain as soon as it happens.

Valley Carpet Cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA is ready to help you tackle tough pet odors and stains. Call us today to save your carpet, and don’t forget to ask about our multi-room discount!

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