How Often Should I Have My Wood Floors Cleaned and Polished?

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Home upkeep can be a never-ending to-do list of chores, which is why it’s all too easy to put some tasks—like having your hardwood floors cleaned and polished—to the side. That is, until the floors start looking dingy and dirty, and you realize it’s been years since the last deep clean. Maybe you’ve been looking for a reputable floor cleaner in San Fernando Valley, CA, or trying to decide just how long you can put this particular task off yourself. If you’ve ever wondered what the ideal wood flooring maintenance schedule is, read on.

Why do I need to have my wood floors deep cleaned?

Hardwood floors are appealing to many people because of their relatively simple maintenance needs. Unlike carpeting, which is easily stained and traps a lot of allergens, hardwood flooring usually requires a quick sweep and perhaps a weekly mopping with a damp cloth and approved cleaning solution. Unless you’re making major messes that stain frequently, deep cleaning probably hasn’t crossed your mind in a while.

However, getting a professional hardwood floor cleaning at least once per year can make a huge difference in the beauty and longevity of your flooring. For starters, deep cleaning and polishing will increase its attractiveness. More than that, however, adding that extra layer of polish will help condition the wood and add a protective layer against dirt, oil and scratches.

It’s also cheaper than the alternative, which is either ripping out your floors and replacing them, or re-sanding and refinishing them. (The latter is a cheaper option than replacing your floors, but can only be done a finite number of times and will cost much more than an annual deep clean.)

If your floors have suffered scuffs, scratches and other damage (especially if you have pets or kids), a good deep clean will suck up all the dirt and discoloration, then add a thick, glossy shine that helps hide any imperfections. Finally, it’ll help protect your floors against more of the same daily damage, until the next yearly cleaning.

How often should my hardwood flooring get a deep clean and polish?

For most people, having a once-yearly hardwood floor deep cleaning and polish will be more than enough. However, if you live in an area where a lot of dirt and grit can be tracked into your home, or you work in a high-traffic business or office, you might want to opt for twice-yearly or even quarterly cleanings.

Hire a floor cleaner in San Fernando Valley, CA

Getting your wood floors cleaned and polished will breathe new life and beauty into your home, but there’s no need for you to take on the task yourself. Call the team at Valley Carpet Cleaning to deep clean your hardwood flooring, leaving it spotless and shiny. We’ll take care to make sure that your floors look more beautiful than ever. Call us today to schedule a cleaning and find out how we can help extend the life of your cherished wood flooring.

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