How Often Should I Have My Office Carpets Cleaned?

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Many business owners in San Fernando Valley, CA don’t realize how filthy their work environments are until they receive a commercial carpet cleaning. There’s no question that carpets have to be cleaned at some point, but how often it’s done depends heavily on factors like foot traffic and the type of business you’re running. Watch out for these signs that you’re due for some professionally cleaned carpets.

Once a month

Businesses that experience the heaviest amount of foot traffic should get their carpets cleaned one or even two times a month. These usually include restaurants, because food spills are a common occurrence. Auto shops should also consider monthly carpet cleanings, since their offices are directly connected to where mechanics get covered in soot and car grease.

Even retail stores and office buildings need a monthly carpet clean for high traffic areas like main entrances and hallways. While these businesses aren’t dealing with ketchup stains and motor oil, some portions of commercial carpeting have to be cleaned more often than others. Not only do people regularly track in dirt, but debris can blow into your store on a windy day. Plus, a commercial carpet cleaning will banish the dust and allergens that deeply embed themselves in the carpet fibers without your realizing it.

Quarterly basis

A business with medium foot traffic can get away with cleaning its carpets once every three to four months. As mentioned earlier, retail stores aren’t at risk for food stains, but they still have many guests constantly walking through the doors. Dirt and debris may not be visible to the naked eye, but can still aggravate people’s allergies, posing a health concern to employees and customers alike. Just because you can’t see the dirt doesn’t mean it’s not there!

Speaking of health, professionally cleaned carpets are especially important among healthcare facilities in San Fernando Valley, CA. Carpet cleaning serves a greater purpose than getting rid of unsightly stains. Patients with deficient immune systems are extra-sensitive to airborne contaminants that settle into the carpet and benefit from clean and sterile quarters.

Annual cleanings

Places with very little foot traffic only need commercial carpet cleaning once a year. For instance, the upper levels of a tall office building receive few visitors and are far away from the main entrances. These rooms do just fine on their own, needing only a quick run with a vacuum and the occasional spot clean. However, keep in mind that personal maintenance is only meant to help your carpet last in between professional cleanings and isn’t a substitute for it.

Your business will most likely have to schedule cleanings at different intervals. The carpet in front of building entrances will be the dirtiest and need monthly cleanings, while the board rooms and executive offices may be able to go a full year. Your local cleaning services in San Fernando Valley, CA will instruct you on how often to clean each part of the building.

Hiring a carpet specialist is a cost-efficient way to extend the flooring’s lifespan and revitalize your business. If you want that fresh, professionally cleaned carpet smell, reach out to the professionals at Valley Carpet Cleaning. We’ll give your carpets a deep clean and make them like new again.

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