How Often Should I Clean My Couch?

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It’s no secret that many parts of your house are going to take a beating on a daily basis. Your wood furniture is susceptible to dings and dents just from everyday life, while your carpets can get beaten up from children and pets alike. Your couch is particularly vulnerable to this type of wear and tear, as it’s usually located in a room with tons of foot traffic.

Regular upholstery cleaning in the San Fernando Valley, CA is a great way to make sure you’re keeping your sofa from deteriorating. Our team at Valley Carpet Cleaning is ready to put our 30-plus years of experience to work for you—read on for more of our upholstery cleaning tips that you can use every day.

Why does my couch get dirty?

Your couch gets dirty because your living room is where your family assembles, talks, drinks and eats. In some ways, it’s a good thing when couches get a bit banged up, because it’s a sign of a vibrant home! However, upholstery cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA will help wipe out years of this wear and tear and also clean up some of the things that might not be so visible to the naked eye—that dirt and dust that accumulates on other furniture is also on (and in) your couch, if you stop to think about it. The body oils and germs from the bodies of your family members and loved ones can also take a toll on these surfaces, and that’s another reason why regular cleaning is key.

What goes into cleaning a couch?

If you’re anything like us, you probably have to clean your couch on a regular basis—especially if you have pets or little kids running around. Vacuuming out Cheerios or spot-cleaning pet stains is a regular part of upholstery maintenance in San Fernando Valley, CA homes. However, when we talk about cleaning a couch in the context of this article, we’re talking about the type of deep cleaning that should only be performed by professionals, which breathes new life into sofas for years to come.

Be sure to have regular deep cleaning by professionals

To sum it all up, regular deep cleaning is something your couch deserves, and something that’s just a wise investment on your part if you want to keep your upholstery in top shape for years to come. If you clean your couches once or twice a year, then you’ll be in good shape, but if you live in a chaotic home with kids and pets, adding on one cleaning per year could be the ticket for your furniture to maintain its beauty.

Upholstery cleaning in the San Fernando Valley, CA is a great way to keep your home sparkling clean. You can do some regular DIY upkeep, of course, but a deep cleaning by professionals using heavy-duty equipment that’s gentle on your furniture is something you should regularly look into. Give Valley Carpet Cleaning a call today for your consultation and see what our cleaning pros can do for you.

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