How Long Does It Take Carpets to Dry After Cleaning Them?

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Nobody likes to step on carpet and have it squish under their feet. After a carpet steam cleaning, some level of dampness is to be expected, but it shouldn’t linger for more than six to 10 hours in most cases. Of course, the speed with which your carpet dries will be influenced by a variety of factors.

Here’s an overview of what you should know to help you plan for your upcoming carpet cleaning appointment.

General information

It’s best to avoid having carpets remain severely wet or damp for more than 24 to 48 hours. After this point, you could start to develop issues with microbial growth and some unpleasant smells. Carpets that remain wet for an extended period can also start to develop ripples or buckling that will compromise their integrity and make it more likely that you will need to replace them.

When you call in a professional to clean your carpet, it is reasonable to expect your carpets will be damp to the touch even after the workers are all done with the job and have left your property. But that’s only with some types of cleaning—your carpets should never be left soggy or wet if you received carpet steam cleaning versus traditional shampooing or washing.

Residential carpets will typically be fully dry within six to 10 hours after an appointment, and commercial carpets (which often have a lower pile) will usually be dry within two to six hours. If you still have wet carpets 24 hours after the cleaning, you should call back the cleaning company and have them do something about it.

Remember that the 6- to 10-hour window is a general guideline. There are a few factors that could influence dry time after a professional carpet cleaning, including the following:

  • Equipment: The quality of equipment used can make a big difference in the carpet cleaning results, including the expected drying time. There is a clear difference between a high-end piece of equipment and a budget model. How well the machine has been maintained will also make a difference. A well-maintained piece of equipment will provide better results, including drying time.
  • Workmanship: Sometimes it’s simply the quality of the workmanship (or lack thereof) that can result in longer drying times. This is why it’s important not to cheap out on your carpet cleaning service. It’s not uncommon for budget cleaning services to try to get through the job as fast as possible, and one of the areas where they’re most likely to cut corners is in the water-extraction phase.
  • Processes: There are certain processes professional carpet cleaners use to speed up the drying process. You should work with a company that uses carpet cleaning fans to speed up drying times. There are also carpet grooming tasks that can help you speed up your drying times. Aligned carpet fibers that have been groomed properly will wick moisture and speed up drying time.

To learn more about drying after carpet cleaning, contact us at Valley Carpet Cleaning with any questions you have.

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