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When was the last time your upholstery was cleaned? Did you know that these surfaces can be a playground for germs and bacteria? That’s right—your favorite recliner may be host to a number of invisible but active pathogens. Fortunately, regular upholstery cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA can help.

This process can freshen your furniture and provide a healthy environment. Use the following information and tips to keep your upholstery clean and safe.

What’s Lurking in Your Cushions?

Soft surfaces that are touched by multiple people throughout the day are at high risk of spreading contamination. Items such as upholstered chairs and sofas can spread pathogens. How? Harmful bacteria can survive on these surfaces. MRSA, VRE and influenza are among the bacteria that may be living on the upholstery you touch—and these organisms can survive on the upholstery for several hours. MRSA can live as long as 120 days on fabrics such as polyester. Without the application of a good upholstery cleaner in San Fernando Valley, CA, these surfaces could go on spreading germs for months!

What Can You Do to Kill the Germs?

Regular cleaning practices often involve wiping down and disinfecting hard surfaces. But what about the upholstery that could be just as germ-infested as the countertops? It’s important to remember that upholstery cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA is just as crucial to cleaning routines as other tasks. This will minimize the exposure and spread of germs.

Some spray products are designed to kill bacteria on soft surfaces. Incorporate these into your cleaning routine to prevent the spread of bacteria. Regular treatment of soft surfaces with upholstery cleaner in San Fernando Valley, CA is key. This can include regular laundering of washable upholstery such as curtains and linens, as well as deep cleaning of other upholstery items.

This cleaning treatment can kill the germs that are living on your upholstery and prevent the spread of infection. Without these regular cleanings, you may put at risk anyone who comes into contact with the items.

How Should I Complete Upholstery Cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA?

As you treat your upholstery, it’s important to provide a thorough cleaning that uses appropriate products. Your cleaning procedures should be safe for the environment but still tough on germs. To ensure your upholstery is well treated, you can partner with a professional upholstery cleaner in San Fernando Valley, CA. These experts have the tools, skills and knowledge necessary to keep your upholstery fresh and healthy. Additionally, their help with this task frees up your time so you can focus on other things.

Keep It Clean

For quality upholstery cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA, contact the team at Valley Carpet Cleaning. Locally owned and operated, we’ve been providing superior service to customers throughout the region since 1989. We offer truck-mounted steam cleaning and 24-hour emergency service. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to help with all your upholstery cleaning needs. Reach out to us today for cleaner, healthier surroundings tomorrow!

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