Carpet: Repair or Replace?

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Completely replacing the carpet in your home can be an incredibly expensive undertaking. Even if you only have one room that needs its carpet replaced, you may be shying away from the cost. New carpet is not only expensive, but most old carpet winds up in a landfill, which can harm the environment.

If your carpet has spots or stains and you’re worried you’ll have to replace it completely, you may have other options. Depending on the type of stain or damage, you may be able to get professional carpet repair in San Fernando Valley, CA to fix your carpets. This can not only save you money, but also the hassle of ripping up old carpet and replacing it with new flooring.

Burn Spots or Patches

Whether you bought your home with an existing burn spot from a cigarette or accidentally dropped a match while lighting a candle, burn spots can add an unsightly look to your carpet. Burn marks can be especially annoying if the rest of your carpet is in flawless condition. Luckily, many burn marks can be repaired by professional carpet technicians.

For smaller burns like cigarette spots, the carpet repair expert will carefully cut out the area around the burn. Using techniques to avoid fraying the cut area, the repair technician will take a piece of carpet from a more out-of-the-way section of the room. This piece of carpet will be fit into the section that once had the burn mark.

Deep Stains

Light-colored carpets like white or cream are susceptible to staining. Everything from dirt to a spilled glass of wine can cause large stains on the surface of a lighter-colored carpet. If you’ve had a spill or stain on your carpet, your first defense is to blot up the spill or dirt before the stain has time to dry. Usually acting quickly after a spill can reduce or eliminate a stain before it sets into the carpet fibers.

If your stain has dried and set into the carpet, however, you may need carpet repair in San Fernando Valley, CA. Much like repairing a carpet with a burn mark, a carpet repair expert will remove the stained carpet area and replace it with clean carpet from an unnoticeable section of the room. For stains that are large, you should ideally have extra carpet that matches the existing carpet for a seamless repair.

Carpet Wrinkles or Folds

As your home settles and your carpet ages, you may begin to notice spots that seem to be bunching up or wrinkling. Luckily, these types of carpet issues are almost always easy to repair. Most of the time, bunching or wrinkled carpets simply need to be re-stretched across the room. This process doesn’t take long, and you may end up with extra cuts of carpet that can be saved in case you need carpet patch repairs later on.

Expert Carpet Repair in San Fernando Valley, CA

A stained or wrinkled carpet may not be a lost cause. Find out if your carpet can be repaired by calling the carpet repair professionals at Valley Carpet Cleaning today.

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