Carpet Cleaning Myths Debunked in San Fernando Valley, CA

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Carpet is a great flooring option in many homes and businesses, but it’s important to care for your carpets properly if you want them to maintain their appearance over the long run. Unfortunately, even people who try to clean and care for their carpets often wind up with bad results due to misconceptions about carpet cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA. If you want to ensure that your carpets look their best for years to come, consider a few common myths about carpet cleaning:

  • Frequent vacuuming is bad for your carpet: Some people think that vacuuming too frequently will damage a carpet, but frequent vacuuming can actually help you keep your carpet looking great and reduce the buildup of allergens. Vacuuming at least once a week can significantly improve the appearance of your carpet. For higher traffic areas, like hallways and entryways, you should vacuum every day or so.
  • Renting a carpet shampooer is just as good as hiring a professional: In an effort to save some money, many homeowners opt for carpet shampoo machine rentals rather than hiring a professional carpet cleaning crew. However, professionals have expertise, quality tools and techniques that will result in a much better clean than the one that you can achieve on your own.
  • Water and dish soap work on carpet fibers: Dish soap and water are commonly used as a gentle cleaning solution for carpet stains, but you shouldn’t use products that are meant for dishes on your carpeting. Dish soap is great at getting rid of food debris and grease from plates and bowls, but it can create residue when it’s used on carpeting. You should opt for cleaning products that are designed specifically for carpets.
  • New carpets don’t need cleaning: New carpets look great, and this fresh new look makes some people think that cleaning isn’t necessary. However, neglecting to clean your new carpet will only cause it to wear out more rapidly. You should vacuum new carpets regularly and invest in professional carpet cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA every six months to a year.
  • Vinegar is an effective carpet cleaning agent: Vinegar is great for a lot of things, but it isn’t always the right option for cleaning your carpet. While a lot of people think that vinegar is an effective stain remover, the reality is that this natural cleaning solution likely won’t do much to get rid of stubborn carpet stains. Vinegar and baking soda are often used together on carpets, but the paste that these ingredients produce can leave behind a grimy film on your carpet fibers.

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