Can You Repair Carpet?

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Your carpets and rugs undergo some of the most stress of any parts of your home’s interior. Shoes and boots cross them every day, kids run toys all over every inch of them and pet claws and fur also take a regular toll. This all adds up to a situation in which your carpets could be in need of repair jobs that might seem outside of your skill set at first glance.

Fortunately, the team at Valley Carpet Cleaning can put our three decades (and counting) of experience to use if you give us a call for carpet repair in the San Fernando Valley, CA. However, many of our customers are surprised to learn that this might not be their only option.

How do holes appear in carpet?

Carpets may have holes worn in them for any number of reasons. They might have had heavy furniture digging into them for years that finally wore away at the fibers and created a hole. We’ve also heard of nervous dogs during fireworks displays or other stressful situations responding to this stress by digging—even if they’re indoors. Pets can also cause massive damage to carpets in very short order, requiring a carpet patch or more in the San Fernando Valley, CA.

What do I need for a DIY repair?

If you want to give the repair a shot yourself before calling in the pros, then your best bet is a product called carpet-seam tape. This tape has adhesive on just one side (you don’t want the double-sided stuff—that’s just for anchoring rugs to the floors that are underneath them). These carpet-seam tapes can be pressure-activated, but we’d recommend using one that uses a heat-activated adhesive. This creates a more durable and lasting seal for your carpet repair in the San Fernando Valley, CA. This project requires a specialty carpet seaming iron as well, so there are some expenses associated with this type of repair.

How do I try a DIY fix?

First off, use a utility knife to snip out the portion of the carpet that’s damaged, but don’t just follow the damage—instead, cut a shape that’s tidy enough for you to easily replicate from the extra trim that you’ll use to create a patch. When you cut this patch, make sure you cut it from the backside of the trim, then add the seam tape pieces around the opening in the carpet still on the floor. To finish your carpet repair in the San Fernando Valley, CA, use the iron to activate the adhesive and make the bond permanent.

If all of this sounds like it could be more trouble than it’s worth (and indeed it might be), it could be time to call in the professionals to get the job done right. Valley Carpet Cleaning has the expertise to handle this any other carpet repair projects. Stop yourself from buying extra equipment to do a repair that you might not be all that happy with—give us a call today to arrange a consultation!

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